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MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Seventh Edition

"The seventh edition of the Handbook is a well-crafted update of an indispensable reference source." – Choice

Conjuring the Folk: Forms of Modernity in African America

"A well-written, original, and important contribution that advances a very important argument about African-American literature from the Harlem Renaissance to Richard Wright, an argument that intervenes in current debates over vernacular aesthetics, post-structuralist theory, anti-essentialism, and the desire to recuperate a sense of collective black political identitarianism."
–George Hutchinson, Cornell University

Harlem Calling: The Collected Stories of George Wylie Henderson: An Alabama Writer of the Harlem Renaissance

"A very interesting collection... both for the way that Henderson's work links the literature of the Harlem Renaissance with the black protest literature of Richard Wright and others, and for Henderson's subject matter and the places that he chose to publish."
–Nellie McKay, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Introduction to Scholarship in Modern Languages and Literatures, Third Edition

"This is a remarkable collection of essays. Living up to the reputation of its illustrious predecessors, it brings together some of the finest scholars to explore what is involved in the study of languages, texts, and cultures.... Here we have the essential guide to language and literary studies in the twenty-first century."
–Simon Gikandi, Princeton University